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Tobacco-Free at CofC

View Campus MapThe College's Tobacco-Free Campus Policy went into effect on July 1, 2014, meaning that the College of Charleston is now a helathy, tobacco-free environment. The policy stipulates that no use of tobacco is allowed on any campus property, and that covers all forms of tobacco, including smokeless (chew or dip) and e-cigarettes. View the detailed campus map for areas covered under the policy.

As a community, the College has adopted this policy to support a healthy working and living environment and general wellness for its for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Overall, the policy is intended to encourage healthy lifestyles. So, if you are a tobacco user who is thinking about quitting, take a look around the website for resources and methods of cessation. And keep in mind that the Office of Human Resources offers cessation workshops on-campus from time to time.